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The Scariest Tourist Pathways Around the World

In all honesty, when you here of the words “walk” or even “hike” you don’t immediately think of fun, adventure or thrill. What usually comes to your mind is taking a nature walk, looking at trees, spotting some birds, and taking in some fresh air.

However, after reading this list, your perception of these words will be altered greatly! We will list some of the scariest pathways in the whole world that are certified scary and have made many people shiver.

Of course, these pathways are open to tourists, what would be the fun if we told you of places that you couldn’t visit (if you wanted to)? We would, however, like to warn you that these places are not for the weak heart, and you should only go on them if you are perfectly fit and healthy.

Huangshan Walkway (China)


To put it simply, this is a path that runs alongside a mountain and is found in the Yellow Mountains in the southern Anhui province in China. This bridge will literally make you feel like you are walking amongst the clouds with terrifying views of the forest and valley below, but if you have vertigo or a similar problem, avoid going here!

Deadly side of Australia: Deadly animal species in Australia

The continent of Australia is probably one of the most fascinating and the hardest to reach lands on the planet. Besides its stunning nature, friendly people and cheerful culture, the other side of the coin can be quite scary. The diverse climate and vegetation is home to some of the deadliest animals in the world. From the almost microscopic to the human-sized animals, these animals will give you enough discomfort to fear for your life in the best case scenario. The worst case scenario can even be death within minutes. Here is a list of 25 animals you need to stay away from.



Great White Sharks were not called great for nothing. They are famous for their sizes, large enough to interrupt a police operation conducted on the sea. With a large life-span and speed up to 60 km/h, these sharks are the biggest threat to the marine mammals. Technically humans are not prey for great whites because of containing more bone and muscles and less fat compared to the sea mammals. That being said, they are likely to bite humans when encountered in blurry waters. They probably won’t continue with the attack since they don’t really like human flesh. However, the bites can be lethal in case of severe blood loss and tissue damage.

10 facts why Beckhams are the best celebrity parents

10 facts why Beckhams are the best celebrity parents

beckham child cap

Family is one of the most important things for most of the people, but, unfortunately, not everyone has the chance to live in the middle of a good, protective and caring family.
We all know David and Victoria Beckham, and their four kids. Because both of the parents are celebrities, some people think that they don’t have enough time to spend with their children, but this is just a myth. The news and the interviews with David and Victoria show that they have a very strong family life, and they all stay connected as much as possible.

Game of Thrones The Winter Has Come, Finally! 10 New Theory!


The Season 6 of the very popular television series, Game of Thrones, was the first season that did not follow the book, A Song of Ice and Fire, and did not disappoint. Many of the fan theories built up at the end of the last season turned out to be true. The foremost was the anticipated resurrection of Jon Snow and the revelation about his parents. Both of them turned out as anticipated, Melisandre or the red priestess did actually bring him up from the dead as almost everyone expected. Ramsay Bolton, whose cruelty seemed to know no bounds, did eventually meet his fate in one of the most epic battles in the entire series. The Stark Sisters, are now among the pivotal characters in the plotline and have had a strong comeback in this season. The finale was pretty explosive with lots of plot twists and enough material for us to chew on and keep on guessing as to what to expect in the Season 7. We have made a list of theories we expect to play up next year.

10 exciting Game of Thrones season 7 theories:

1. Tyrion


Season 7 will bring Tyrion face to face with his siblings, Jaime and Cersei in battle. Tyrion is now the Hand of the Queen, the pin that he wears proudly. With his sister now on the Iron Throne along with his brother, he will be part of an army leading an attack against them. Tyrion has had misgivings against Cersei before and it does not seem they will be resolving anytime soon, but what will be interesting will be his face-off against his brother, who facilitated his escape the last time from King’s Landing.

10 up to date Exciting Facts About The Blue-Eyed Criminal Jeremy Meeks


Women across the globe are going CRAZY over the pretty, blue-eyed criminal Jeremy Meeks who broke the internet with his modelesque looks despite being a 6-time felon and very dangerous, according to authorities (but that’s not important right now). His handsome face has blown up the Internet. But Jeremy Meeks known as “Dreamy McMug Shot” is far more than a pretty face.

His piercing blue eyes and movie star looks have driven thousands of followers to Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page. Jeremy Meeks is now a free man. If you think that he sparked a lot of controversy back then for being too hot, you may want to learn exclusive details regarding the life of such a “sexy felon,” as well as his future modeling plans.

Here Are 10 up to date Exciting Facts About The Blue-Eyed Criminal Jeremy Meeks

Dangers that might cause the end of life on Earth soon

Dangers that might cause the end of life on Earth soon


Some people are scared because of the end of life on our planet. Unfortunately this subject becomes a real threat for our civilization, and most of the specialists say that we, the people created the things that will affect us and the future generations that will live on Earth. There are many dangers that might cause the end of life on Earth soon, but some of them can be stopped or slowed down.

If you’re wondering what are some of the most,you can see some of them in the following paragraphs.

The most exclusive restaurants that are hard to get into

The most exclusive restaurants that are hard to get to

the most exciting exclusive restaurants
dinnerinthesky.ee; pinterest.com

Do you want an amazing vacation with your lover, but in the same time do you want to go to an extraordinary place? We can help you with that and we suggest you to make a reservation for an exclusive restaurant.

This means that we recommend you to choose one of the most exclusive restaurants that are hard to get to: underwater restaurants, restaurants that are located in the top of a skyscraper, or even wooden restaurants that are placed in trees or other amazing locations.

If you’ll pick one of those, we’re pretty sure that your partner will be very impressed and you’ll definitely want to repeat this experience. Here are some of the best restaurants that are located in places that are hard to access, but in the end you’ll be completely satisfied because you have chosen them:

What happens With Your Body When You Stop Smoking?

What happens With Your Body When You Stop Smoking?


Smoking is an ancient practice, and it was first used as a ritual. There is a wide variety of substances, dried plants leaves and other things that can be used to create a cigarette, but the most widespread cigarette is made of tobacco.

Even if sometimes it’s interesting and relaxing to have a cigarette with a friend, you probably know that smoking is a very bad habit for your body and for your health. This is the reason why many people try to quit smoking, but they aren’t prepared mentally and physically to do that.

Quitting smoking isn’t something very easy, that’s why many of those who are trying to give up on smoking don’t succeed. We will present you what happens when you stop smoking. Knowing those things you can anticipate and control your habits. It could be something very helpful because you’ll have bigger chances to stop smoking if you’ll know what happens in time!

Notice that some effects might be different for every person, and there are multiple factors that will influence your body behavior after you’ll smoke your last cigarette. Depending on how many cigarettes you smoke daily, what types of cigarettes you use (the percentage of nicotine in each cigarette) and many others, those things might vary in your case.


20 minutes after the smoke

Immediately after you stop smoking, your body will notice that. In the first 20 minutes your heart will establish the normal peace again, which means that you’ll have a close to normal blood pressure and pulse rate. Those are the first positive effects that you’ll be able to observe immediately.

2 hours after the smoke

After around two hours of no cigarette smoked your heart will be very close to the normal rate, so will be the blood pressure, but you’ll probably feel anxiety, maybe frustration, drowsiness or other sleeping problems. Those are symptoms of nicotine withdrawals, so don’t panic because it is normal        if you haven’t smoking for two hours.

12 hours after the smoke

It is well known that a smoker inhales Carbon monoxide, which is transferred into the blood system. 12 hours after you quit smoking the level of Carbon monoxide from your blood will decrease, and the oxygen will take its place. This is an important thing that happens in your body, because you’ll have again a normal level of oxygen in blood. It is good to know that low level of oxygen in blood can cause serious health diseases, and some of the most known are the hearth conditions.

24 hours after the smoke

24 hours – no smoking and the risk for major health diseases will already be reduced.The studies show that the risk of coronary artery disease is very high for people who smoke, but once you quit smoking the risk will considerably lower in the first 24 hours.

48 hour after smoke

Two days – 48 hours – after you quit, you’ll start to feel better and better. You’ll regain some of the senses, like smelling and tasting because your nerves endings will regrow, which will result in a better food tasting and odor smelling.

3 days after quit smoke

The quitting smoking process became very difficult in the third day after you decided to stop to smoke. This is the point when you’ll body will be nicotine free, but you will surely experience some things that might make you think to light a cigarette. Things like depression, muscular cramps, headaches and even sweating are common and you should do your best to overcome them.

2 or 3 weeks after quit smoke

If you’re here, you can consider yourself half way to the finish line because after 2 or 3 weeks of no smoking you’ll have a considerably better shape than you had a few weeks or months ago. At this point you can start doing physical exercises because your body will start to regenerate and heal. Specialists say that after 2 or 3 weeks your lungs will work better, and they will be with 30% healthier than they were when you used to smoke.

after a month

After a month you quit your lungs will be almost fully recovered and they will be able to work efficiently. The coughing and breath problems will stop soon, and, depending on each person, after 9 or more months all the symptoms will disappear and also the need of smoking will be gone.

 after 1 year

You can celebrate now because you just reached 1 year of no smoking, which is one of the most important things that you achieved in the last period of time. After 1 year the risks of health diseases will lower with 50%.

after 5 year

In 5 years after quitting your blood vessel will be as healthy as a nonsmoker’s are, so the risks of having a stroke will diminish.

after 10 year

10 years after you quit smoking is another important mark in your life. Lung cancer, kidney cancer, oral cavity cancer or esophageal cancer chances are also getting lower and lower, but you should know that there are some things, that affected your whole body while you used to smoke, and some of them are irreparable.


If you’re adopting a healthy life style with physical activity, healthy and healthy food, after 15 years after you quit smoking the chances of hearth conditions are the same for you as they are for a nonsmoker. It is a good sign, but as you can see, it takes a lot of time.

You might notice that the benefits of quitting smoking are very important for long term, but if you stop today you’ll thank yourself in the future for this decision.

To be honest, excepting one of the most important benefit, your health, as a nonsmoker you’ll also save some money. It means that you could invest the money you used to spend on cigarettes to buy healthy foods and other things that could help you have a happy, healthy and long life with your family.

What are the best smartphones to buy in 2016?

The smartphone is one of the most important gadgets that help us and make our life easier. A smartphone isn’t a simple phone that helps you contact your family, friends or co-workers, but it is a complex device that allows you to browse through different internet pages, to take amazing photos, record videos and even to install applications that offer you the possibility to talk via video call with your friends from every corner of the world.

If you plan to buy a new smartphone take a look at what are the 10 best smartphones to buy in 2016.

  1. Huawei Mate 8

Huawei is a Chinese brand that started to build different electronic devices like TVs,  Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones and others. Even if many people consider that the Chinese electronics are pretty bad, you should know that it is not the same case with this smartphone: Huawei Mate 8.

If you’re on a low budget but you want to have a powerful device, this is definitely the right one for you. It is also considered one of the best smartphones of 2016 because it has a long battery life – it last up to 2 or 3 days, depending on how much you use it.

What gadgets do the biggest celebrities use?

You might think that leaders, celebrities, sportsmen and other important business men all over the world love to drive expensive cars, to live in big houses or even to buy their own airplane, but they also enjoy using expensive gadgets.

Some of them are using normal mobile phones, like Samsung, HTC or iPhone, but others love to express their wealth by buying smartphone’s covers that are made of diamonds, gold or to have a mobile phone or laptop that was specially designed for them. It means that those gadgets could have the celebrity brand engraved on them, or any other things that costs a lot of money, and some of you can’t even think about.

Wiz Khalifa

dailymail.co.uk, rollingstone.com
dailymail.co.uk, rollingstone.com

If you’re one of the Wiz Khalifa’s fans, you definitely know a lot about him, but for those people who don’t know him very well, he’s an American actor, rapper and songwriter. He became famous in the latest years with some of his songs and music collaborations.

This might be surprising, but Wiz Khalifa is a huge fan of a new gadget called hoverboard. A hoverboard is a self-balancing scooter, and most of the people use it for fun, but it can be very effective if you don’t want to walk but you have to go around the house, to the market or to visit a friend who lives nearby.

10 biggest stars they look much younger then their age

One of the most crucial concerns for majority of these celebrities when they grow old is to look beautiful and more youthful, because they want to avoid wrinkles and do some tricks to appear of younger age. That is very not unusual in celebrities, due to the fact they want to preserve their beauty to hold their fanatics and maintain getting paid nicely.
Do some celebrities simply appear ageless? Yes, we understand they’re not all 18 anymore, and some of them have racked up a whole lot of life enjoy along the way from A-listing boyfriends to awful movies to even worse style selections. Nonetheless, there are a set of stars who control to look actually ideal whilst they grow old, and we couldn’t face up to finding out how.
Of course, having a bottomless bank account and all the get admission to in the international doesn’t hurt, but we did discover that a number of these stars make use of strategies that work for all of our budgets.
I’m going to describe briefly many of the secrets and techniques that celebrities use to look younger and preserve their splendor for a longer time.

The actress who once admitted to the usage of Austrian leeches to detoxify her blood, these days tried the master cleanse, a weight-reduction plan that consists of ingesting a maple syrup, lemon water and cayenne pepper cocktail with her husband.
Her beauty secret: i moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, says Moore. “Irrespective of how past due it’s far, while i get home, i make the effort to clean and moisturize my face. I
I am a large believer in that if you focus on right pores and skin, you clearly won’t want a number of makeup and this has been my help over the years and it’s a secret of looking an awful lot younger.

At forty-six-years-old, Berry is nearly superhuman. she has actually in no way regarded better! Her secret? Products from Kinara Spa in L.A. She makes certain to clean her skin and moisturize morning and night, and she additionally severely lays off the make-up when she’s now not on set to offer her skin a smash.
Her DIY makeup routine:
Halle’s stance on make-up is simply as low-key. “When I am no longer working, I don’t honestly wear make-up. I assume it is a very good chance to present the skin a break,” she says. “I’m massive on looking after my skin so that i can move without make-up.
Her inner beauty:
While asked what real beauty manner is to her, Halle shares, “it’s feeling comfy and confident in expressing yourself, now not honestly caring what human beings assume. It’s doing something I want to do: if I want to wear this hair, if I need to wear that hair.” She provides, “I assume it means being relaxed with who I am: my authentic self. I find that type of self-assurance lovely in people.” We’re going to clearly have what she’s having.

Cristiano dos Santos Ronaldo is the world best footballer as of now and he keeps improving on daily basis, despite being at the early 30’s he still looks much younger than his real age, when quizzed about how he mange to stay fit and looks younger all the times he said: ‘Mental strength is just as important as physical strength, when I am not in the training with my teammates I head over to the gym and do some rigorous workouts and this has helped me a lot in my career. Secondly, I don’t just eat anything that comes on my table, I normally choose what I eat and this has really helped me a lot. I also avoid alcohol, relax. Training and bodily sessions are most critical, however living a relaxed lifestyle helps you to be the best you can be, bodily and mentally. I spend my free time with family and friends, which keeps me secure and in a fine mind-set.

At 44, Aniston is still one of Hollywood’s sexiest starlets and it’s a steeply-priced method to maintain her younger glow. She recently found out that she indulges in chemical peels. “It’s extremely intense. You don’t comprehend your look like a battered burn sufferer for every week.
Jennifer Aniston starting each day with a tumbler of freshly squeezed lemon juice enables to flush out her body. The previous buddies big name who as soon as hated exercising chooses to keep things exciting. She splits her time among working towards yoga, pilates, training at the treadmill or crosstrainer as much as 4 to 5 instances every week. She also keeps to a routine, who prefer to workout at eleven at night time instead of at some point of the day.

The former ugly Betty celebrity is a pilates devotee and loves salsa dancing. I commenced in 1997 as training for a film I did known as Dance with me she says. i go out and salsa with friends, mainly in the summertime. Now that is notable card! she admits to dabbling in Botox and schedules shot every 3 months. I take advantage of it very sparingly, i need to look natural. I am getting it so I look serene. There may be not anything so serene as an injecting diluted toxin your forhead.

Jennifer Lopez has been one of the most consistent, and good looking, at 43, Lopez is one of the international’s most stunning women. Her secret? Sunscreen. Lopez usually steps out in SPF 15 or higher, and she additionally indulges in Plazen Placenta Collagen masks. This high priced (and debatable) cosmetic technique takes hours, proving that it’s constantly worth it to spend some more hours to make sure your skin seems tremendous.

Australian actress, Cate Blanchett became once quoted as announcing she’s terrified of plastic surgical treatment and cosmetic techniques and wants to age gracefully. Take a page out of this 43-yr-old beauty bible and stick to an easy regime. Cate has been the face of skincare emblem SK-II for extra than 10 years and, in addition to the use of their merchandise, relies on an everyday cleansing regime and low oxygen facial. Like Jen Aniston, she recommends a glass of lemon juice within the morning.

Firstly, I quit smoking and I don’t drink very regularly. The Weeds actress says of ridding herself of past terrible habits. However, my mother has an extremely good skin, she in no way even had a facial and she’s 85, she swears by using anti-getting older products, just like the regenerating serum, from holistic pores and skin care logo. They’re natural and i can use their stuff on my children even.

The 41-year Australian actress attempts to get out and relax. i like being outdoor with trees and water, lying down somewhere or taking walks she says. i usually do transcendental meditation, which continues to keeps me calm and steady. The zenned-out superstar takes numerous water and get a facial each 6 to 8 weeks. In any other case, the herbal blonde tries to live herbal. My mother always stated, don’t dye your hair. It’s much like getting a tattoos, when you start you won’t stop.

Known as The body, Superstar Elle McPherson follows a completely holistic angle on health. The 49years old chooses to look after her body from a Chinese medicine perspective which she says, “… it promotes and keeps well-being in preference to treats contamination.” Getting plenty of fine sleep and staying hydrated are also large on her listing of things that help her hold a herbal glow. She became quoted as saying, “5 hours sleep rather than eight makes a huge distinction to my health. Sleep can also be a first rate detox for the frame, giving it time to regenerate so it could feature extra efficaciously on each level.”

10 Surprising facts about the biggest murderer Stalin

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, this is the full name of the Soviet Union leader, Stalin, who leaded from the 20s to 1953, when he died.
It is said that when he was around 30 years old he adopted the name Stalin, which in the Russian language means “man of steel” – something that reveals power, something that is hard to beat and to conquer.
If you want to find 10 surprising things about the biggest murder, Stalin take a look over the following ones:

1. Stalin was a bigger killer than Hitler

Many people don’t believe this, but it is something very true! Hitler was the man who created The Holocaust, and we all know that he wanted to create a pure race, the Arian race and he ordered to his army to kill all the Jewish people.
Stalin wanted to create from URSS the biggest country and the biggest power in the world, and he didn’t care if his own people were dying because of that, or any other people died. He thought that the power of his country was much more important than the lives of the people all over the world. It makes him a bigger killer than Hitler, because he didn’t care even from his own population.

10 unbelievable game of throne facts

excitingg.com game of thrones pictures

The Game of Thrones, an HBO series first aired in April 2011 has usurped the place of many popular TV shows. Adapted from the novel “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin, the show has seen a vehement increase in viewership and a dedicated fan following right up to its seventh season. The series uncovers plots, unleashes lusts and phenomenal murders- all between seven noble families at war just to gain control over the mythical land of Westeros. The exciting series has earned both- bouquets as well as brickbats. While it has been lauded for its exciting story line, acting, production values and complex characters, it has faced criticism for liberal use of nudity, violence and sexual violence. The thrilling TV show has elicited great interest and makes viewers greedily grab any tidbit of information available.

10 Richest Leaders of the World (2016)

Being the leader of a country involves many things, such as big responsibility, scheduled meetings with other important people all over the world, but also stress in many situations.
Those are just a few things that most of the people think about when they are looking at their country presidents, but there are also some heads of state in different parts of the world that are very rich. Here’s a top of the 10 Richest Leaders of the World in 2016:

10. Nursultan Abishuly Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan – Net Worth of $1 Billion
Nursultan Abishuly Nazarbayev is the President of Kazakhstan since 1989, so he’s the head of the country for 27 years. It is something rare in the history of most of the countries, but Nursultan Abishuly Nazarbayev was re-elected in 2015 with a majority of 98% of the votes, which proves that people trust him as a president.
Even if he is not the richest leader in the world, he’s in top ten, and being the president of the same country for 27 years says a lot about him. It proves that he built his fortune with his own power and he didn’t take the money from the population to grow a $1 Billion fortune.

9. Prince Albert II of Monaco – Net Worth of $1.5 Billion
If you’ll travel to Monaco, you’ll definitely be amazed by the things that you’ll see there, but you should try to attend the Monaco Grand Prix, considered one of the most important car racing competition in the world.
Prince Albert II of Monaco is the leader of Monaco, and according to the recent studies he is one of the richest leaders in the world. He owns large area of land in France, and also in Monaco. It is well known that he loves to practice different sports and he also owns football clubs.

8. Tamin bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar – Net Worth of $2 Billion
If you don’t know him because of his fortune, you probably heard about him because he is the youngest reigning monarch in the history. He became the Emir of Qatar in 2013, when his father abdicated.
Tamin bin Hamad Al Thani studied at the British Sandhurst Military Academy, but a big part of his fortune came from inheritance. He also made important investments in India and in United Kingdom in companies like Barclays, Sainsbury’s but he’s also the head of Qatar Investment Authority.

7. Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein – Net Worth of $4 Billion
Owning the LGT banking group Prince Hans-Adam II has a fortune estimated around $4 Billion, which makes him one of the richest leaders in Europe.
Many don’t know, but the prince really loves the art and he owns an art collection. Part of it can be seen by the public at the Liechtenstein Museum, in Vienna. Compared with other countries and leaders, the Prince of Liechtenstein is very powerful, actually he’s the most powerful man in his country because he is able to introduce new legislation and to reject laws that are approved by the parliament.

6. Mohammed VI, King of Morocco – Net Worth of $5.7 Billion
53 years old. Mohammed VI – also known as the King of Morocco – is the leader of Morocco since 1999, when his father, King Hassan II died.
He inherited most of his fortune, but he also raised it in the past years. When he made investments as King of Morocco he claimed that he wants to improve the standard of living of the people in his country, and he wants to find solution for the problem of poverty and corruption to help Morocco. Mohammed VI owns many companies, and some of them are making him the biggest leader in the agricultural sector in his own country.

5. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Emir of Dubai – Net Worth of $18 Billion
Being the head of Dubai isn’t something easy, but when you also run several businesses in different sectors, it becomes even harder. This is the exact situation of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Emir of Dubai.
He is the man who made Dubai grow very much in the past 10 years, but he’s also responsible for other businesses like Emirates Airline, Jumeira Group, DP World and others. Emir of Dubai is also a fighter against corruption and he really succeeded in this problem, making from Dubai one of the richest places on Earth.

4. Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei – Net Worth of $20 Billion
Most of the world’s leaders are respected, no matter how rich they are, but people have a positive reaction about them. It is not the same case when we’re talking about Sultan of Brunei.
Even if he’s one of the richest leaders in the world, he was often accused of fraud or even morally bankrupt. Despite of those charges, Hassanal Bolkian continues to lead the state of Brunei.
He’s very passionate about cars, being one of the largest car collectors. That’s not all, because he owns a Rolls Royce covered in 24K gold, and some companies created cars specially designed for him.

3. Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of UAE – Net Worth of $23 Billion
Similar to other rich leaders all over the world, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of United Arab Emirates gained a big part of his fortune by inheritance, but this isn’t the only source of his wealth.
He’s also known for the oil transactions and real estate transactions because those two are also big sources of earnings for him. If you heard about Burj Khalifa, the biggest man-made construction in the world, you probably know that the actual President of UAE commissioned this construction. Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan is a person very much involved in charity, humanitarian causes and donations.

2. Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand – Net Worth of $30 Billion
The fortune that he owns isn’t the only thing that he’s known worldwide for , but he’s also the longest reigning monarch in the history of his country, Thailand.
Born in Massachusetts, Bhymibol Adulyadej moved with his family to Bangkok, but his mother took him with the family in Switzerland where he got a high-school diploma in French literature. Then, he started his studies in science, and after World War II ended, his family returned to Thailand.
Bhumibol Adulyadej invested in real estates, banking and also infrastructure companies. Those are the main sources of earnings that made him one of the richest mans on Earth.

1. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia – Net Worth $40 Billion
Considered one of the most influential and powerful men on Earth, Vladimir Putin is also the richest leader in the world. It is true Russia, the country that he leads is also rich, and that’s one of the reasons that made him own a fortune of $40 Billion in 2016.
Most of his fortune comes from oil transactions, energy, land investments and weapons, but it is said that he runs much more businesses in different sectors. There are also people who say that the real fortune of the Russian President is over $40 Billion, more exactly, that the real value of his fortune is around $70 Billion.

Visit those places if you dare!

If you like the adventure and you want to try some of the most isolated, hottest, most dangerous or similar places on Earth you should try some of the following places. You must visit them only if you dare, because they can be some of the weirdest, scariest or uncommon places you’ve ever seen or visited.

Here is the top 10 places you must visit if you dare:


The most dangerous place, El Caminito Del Rey, Spain

Yes, this is one of the most dangerous places on Earth where you can go. It is considered to be one of the most dangerous walkways because it’s actually a 3 km long and less than 1 meter wide bridge that can be accessed only by foot. That’s not all because this bridge is pinned on the walls of a rock mountain, 100 meters above the river level above.


Glass-bottom walkway, China

This is something real, and it is located in China. It’s a walkway constructed from glass, but the actual bridge is a result of a lot of effort and some deaths during the construction.

That’s not all, because the glass bridge that is around 1078 meters high cracked when tourists were walking on it. This is a dangerous place where you can get an amazing view, but firstly you need to stand up to your fears because that’s not a place where anybody can go.


Coldest place where live people, Oymyakon, Russia

The small town of Oymyakon is considered to be the coldest places where live people on Earth. Even if the town has a small population, only 500 citizens, it is very popular and some tourists really love to go there.

If you dare to go to Oymyakon you should be prepared because the ground is always frozen, no matter what season is, and the average temperature during the winter season is about -14.5 Celsius degrees (-58 Fahrenheit degrees).


Cliff base Jumping, Norway

Cliff jumping is an extreme sport, but it depends on where you’re practicing it. If you are seeking for experiences with a lot of adrenaline in your body, but also for amazing views, you should try the cliff base jumping in one of the most dangerous but also the most beautiful locations from Norway.


The highest point on Earth, Everest, Border between Nepal and Tibet

Many people heard about Everest, but just a few of them dare to climb it. It is the highest peak on Earth, and it require lots of hours of training, both mental and physical.

If you dare to go there, you should expect to try dangerous conditions like strong winds, avalanches and breathing problems because of the high altitude.


Highest town on Earth, La Rinconada, Peru

This small town from Peru is located at a height of over 5,000 meters, being the highest human settlement on Earth.

The specialists say that if it would be a little higher, people wouldn’t be able to adapt, and the life there wouldn’t be favorable for humans.


Deepest Cave on Earth, Krubera Cave, Georgia

It is considered to be the deepest cave discovered on Earth, and it is around 2,200 meters deep. Many tourists all over the world are visiting this cave daily, because of its beauty, but it can be also dangerous.


Cliff base Jumping, Norway

Cliff jumping is an extreme sport, but it depends on where you’re practicing it. If you are seeking for experiences with a lot of adrenaline in your body, but also for amazing views, you should try the cliff base jumping in one of the most dangerous but also the most beautiful locations from Norway.


Trift Bridge, Alps

This is the longest suspended bridge, only for people, and it is located in the Swiss Alps. It is 100 meters above the water level, and it offers you a great view over the area.

It can be dangerous in some parts of the year, when the wind is very strong and it makes the bridge move very much. There are around 20,000 people who visit the Trift Bridge every year.


Dangerous Ski Run, Corbet’s Couloir, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming, USA

This is considered one of the most dangerous ski runs form America, and it really is because of the high difficulty of the slope.

During the dropping you’ll experience free falls from 4 to 11 meters or more, on a 60 degrees slope. Every step it’s crucial for your life, but the adrenaline and the feeling when you’re at the bottom and you look back it’s amazing.

If you really like the winter sports, the skiing or the snowboarding you must try this one because you’ll definitely love it! If you are not an expert, this ski run isn’t for you. You also need professional equipment for this run, otherwise you risk serious accidents.

If you’re looking for adventures or extreme locations where you can test your abilities and conquer your fears, we strongly recommend those!


Bolivia’s Death Road

This is a dangerous road on Bolivia, and many tourists love to go for cycling. Even if the vies are very captivating and many are traveling there to capture the amazing beauties of the nature, more than 300 people die every year on this road.

To complete the ride you have to travel 64 kilometers, but you should know that there’s a single lane road, and portions where you might have snow on the road.


Bungee Jumping, Europe’s Bridge, Austria

This might be crazy for some people, but for others this will be the weirdest and, in the same time, the coolest thing they ever did: jumping from a bridge that is over 650 meter high.

Some say that this experience will help you conquer your fears and become more resistant, and you’ll see the life in a different way. During the jump, you’ll reach a speed around 100 km/h in just a few seconds. How does it sound? Dare, try it and feel the amazing experience and the adrenaline pumping in your veins.