11 Surprising facts about the biggest murderer Stalin


Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, this is the full name of the Soviet Union leader, Stalin, who leaded from the 20s to 1953, when he died.
It is said that when he was around 30 years old he adopted the name Stalin, which in the Russian language means “man of steel” – something that reveals power, something that is hard to beat and to conquer.
If you want to find 10 surprising things about the biggest murder, Stalin take a look over the following ones:

1. Stalin was a bigger killer than Hitler


Many people don’t believe this, but it is something very true! Hitler was the man who created The Holocaust, and we all know that he wanted to create a pure race, the Arian race and he ordered to his army to kill all the Jewish people.
Stalin wanted to create from URSS the biggest country and the biggest power in the world, and he didn’t care if his own people were dying because of that, or any other people died. He thought that the power of his country was much more important than the lives of the people all over the world. It makes him a bigger killer than Hitler, because he didn’t care even from his own population.


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