10 up to date facts about Johnny Depp’s divorce


Last year her expenditure become less. She reported a total income, which include cash from her movie work and promotions, of $250,000 while her expenditure turned into $209,000, leaving her a small profit.

Depp and Amber Heard’s dating was extraordinarily sour because of a full-blown feud between his own family and Amber and this, we are instructed, is the backdrop for what’s already an acrimonious divorce.
More than one resources linked to the ex-couple inform us, Johnny’s 2 teenage children, his 2 sisters and his mother “hated” Amber, and openly mentioned it. We are informed they pointed out how Amber might rail on Johnny and “treat him like crap.” Earlier this year, Johnny moved his mom, Betty Sue Palmer, into the L.A. compound in which he and Amber lived and the anxiety become palpable. We are told that the mother frequently tell her friends she thought Amber was the use of Johnny for his money and fame, and to enhance her own profession. We are additionally informed before Betty Sue moved in, she only saw her son once from the time he married Amber, and both Betty Sue and Johnny blame her for keeping them aside so she’d have complete manage. Our sources say Amber had 2 closed door sit down talk with Johnny’s mother after she moved in, and after each conferences Betty Sue railed on her daughter-in-regulation, calling her a “terrible character.” This is what causes the divorce not the recent occurrence of Depp hitting her with an iPhone.


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