15 Extremely Useful Things You Did Not Know How to Use Properly


You probably use numerous tools every single day to make your living a whole lot easier. However, some of these things can have multiple applications that might be unknown to the majority of us. Perhaps you haven’t paid enough attention to some of the items you use often, but we will reveal how to apply these extra features properly.

These are not exactly life hacks, but they can come in handy in various situations. We selected fifteen things that have interesting uses, and some of these revelations might surprise you.

1. A small indentation in a Tic Tac lid

Source: rd.com

Tic Tacs were a huge part of your childhood, and you have certainly noticed a small indentation in the lid once you pop it up. Some people think it is made to preserve the freshness of the Tic Tacs and that is partially true. However, the idea was to use this indentation for serving the Tic Tacs quicker and easier. The indentation is perfect for a single piece of Tic Tacs, and you can pick it up without shaking out the whole box.


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