Dangers that might cause the end of life on Earth soon


Artificial intelligence


We all know about the fast developing technology that helps us daily, but how many of us realized that the technology can affect us in a very seriously and bad way? We think that the right answer to this question is “just a few people”.

There are many Sci-Fi movies that illustrate the danger of fast developing technology, but many people say that they are just movies and they can’t affect us.

Stephen Hawking and other people who work in this field announced that the tech will evolve so much that people will create robots that will be self-aware and autonomous, which means that they will have artificial intelligence. They will be able to charge themselves, and maybe even to repair themselves.

If technology will be improved that much, those things might become real in a few years. Scientists are warning us that this could be one of the dangers that might cause the end of humans on Earth.


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