Deadly side of Australia: Deadly animal species in Australia


The continent of Australia is probably one of the most fascinating and the hardest to reach lands on the planet. Besides its stunning nature, friendly people and cheerful culture, the other side of the coin can be quite scary. The diverse climate and vegetation is home to some of the deadliest animals in the world. From the almost microscopic to the human-sized animals, these animals will give you enough discomfort to fear for your life in the best case scenario. The worst case scenario can even be death within minutes. Here is a list of 25 animals you need to stay away from.


Great White Sharks were not called great for nothing. They are famous for their sizes, large enough to interrupt a police operation conducted on the sea. With a large life-span and speed up to 60 km/h, these sharks are the biggest threat to the marine mammals. Technically humans are not prey for great whites because of containing more bone and muscles and less fat compared to the sea mammals. That being said, they are likely to bite humans when encountered in blurry waters. They probably won’t continue with the attack since they don’t really like human flesh. However, the bites can be lethal in case of severe blood loss and tissue damage.


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