Game of Thrones The Winter Has Come, Finally! 10 New Theory!


The Season 6 of the very popular television series, Game of Thrones, was the first season that did not follow the book, A Song of Ice and Fire, and did not disappoint. Many of the fan theories built up at the end of the last season turned out to be true. The foremost was the anticipated resurrection of Jon Snow and the revelation about his parents. Both of them turned out as anticipated, Melisandre or the red priestess did actually bring him up from the dead as almost everyone expected. Ramsay Bolton, whose cruelty seemed to know no bounds, did eventually meet his fate in one of the most epic battles in the entire series. The Stark Sisters, are now among the pivotal characters in the plotline and have had a strong comeback in this season. The finale was pretty explosive with lots of plot twists and enough material for us to chew on and keep on guessing as to what to expect in the Season 7. We have made a list of theories we expect to play up next year.

10 exciting Game of Thrones season 7 theories:

1. Tyrion

Season 7 will bring Tyrion face to face with his siblings, Jaime and Cersei in battle. Tyrion is now the Hand of the Queen, the pin that he wears proudly. With his sister now on the Iron Throne along with his brother, he will be part of an army leading an attack against them. Tyrion has had misgivings against Cersei before and it does not seem they will be resolving anytime soon, but what will be interesting will be his face-off against his brother, who facilitated his escape the last time from King’s Landing.


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