The Most Beautiful Northern Lights pictures and Destinations


Imagine yourself driving around in the middle of the night on the snow-covered rural roads of a small Scandinavian town. It’s so cold outside that there is no water in the liquid form. The only living thing besides you is maybe a couple of wolves howling. Even your GPS is confused and is not able to navigate you through. Why would someone willingly go on such a mission unless they are out of their minds? There is a simple answer:

Aurora borealis also known as Northern Lights is one of the most visually fascinating wonders of nature. Interactions between the charged particles coming from sun and those in the upper atmosphere give rise to a colorful display of lights. However, it wasn’t called Norther Lights for nothing! More than 90% of the places you can spot this phenomena is near the North Pole. The more north you go, the higher the chance of seeing them. In this article, we will talk about the places that are worth taking a night drive in the freezing weather to capture northern lights.


Welcome to the hometown of Santa Claus! Located at the southeast of the Lapland province, Rovaniemi is often considered as the main gate to the Northern Finland. Northern Lights usually become visible between August and April. Although the city center is not the idea place because of the light pollution, there are spots to view the Northern Lights. These are: the Arctic Garden near Arktikum Museum 5 minutes’ walk from the city center, Koivusaari Island 15 minutes away and the hilltop of Ounasvaara Fell 45 minutes’ away.


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