Top 10 most cruel persons from TV series


9. VOLDERMORT (Harry Potter)

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is spoken about with the same abstractly-repulsive fear as Evangelical Christians would Satan himself. The wizard community, similarly, thinks the very mention of him is enough to summon him, as powerful as he is in his Dark Arts. He cannot truly be killed, it seems, as his serpentine face always seems to resurrect with the aid of his evil underlings. Voldemort kills without regret and is a veritable bigot, despising impure blood in spite of his own mixed quantum. Also, there is no more classic symbol of evil than a snake, which is the emblem of everything he is connected to (e.g. Slytherin, that snake-language Harry can somehow speak, the basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets, etc.).


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