What gadgets do the biggest celebrities use?


You might think that leaders, celebrities, sportsmen and other important business men all over the world love to drive expensive cars, to live in big houses or even to buy their own airplane, but they also enjoy using expensive gadgets.

Some of them are using normal mobile phones, like Samsung, HTC or iPhone, but others love to express their wealth by buying smartphone’s covers that are made of diamonds, gold or to have a mobile phone or laptop that was specially designed for them. It means that those gadgets could have the celebrity brand engraved on them, or any other things that costs a lot of money, and some of you can’t even think about.

Wiz Khalifa

dailymail.co.uk, rollingstone.com
dailymail.co.uk, rollingstone.com

If you’re one of the Wiz Khalifa’s fans, you definitely know a lot about him, but for those people who don’t know him very well, he’s an American actor, rapper and songwriter. He became famous in the latest years with some of his songs and music collaborations.

This might be surprising, but Wiz Khalifa is a huge fan of a new gadget called hoverboard. A hoverboard is a self-balancing scooter, and most of the people use it for fun, but it can be very effective if you don’t want to walk but you have to go around the house, to the market or to visit a friend who lives nearby.


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